About Us

We are a community that teaches and embodies health and well being.


The Studio

Joy In Motion is committed to following a path to body self-awareness; through movement we find health. We seek to offer a variety of movement practices that connect people of all ages and health levels to the healing benefits of moving the body in accordance with it’s natural design and structure.

With our studio originally located in South Boulder, we now operate Joy in Motion from our home studio in Longmont, CO. Additionally, we offer regular classes and workshops at other locations throughout the Boulder Country area—see our schedule page for more information. We also travel often, so watch out for workshops and events in other states and countries.


Jackie Diner

I am a Black Belt Nia Teacher, White Belt Nia Trainer, Certified Melt Instructor and an Early Childhood Educator. I worked in Early Childhood for 35 years, have been teaching Nia for 15 years and sharing the healing benefits of the Melt Method for 6 years. I've spent my life dedicated to the health and well being to people of all ages and I energetically strive to lift everyBody to find a lifetime of strength, joy and peace in every piece of their being.

Marty Diner

Recently retired after 35 years of owning and operating a construction supply company; I believe that the Nia technique chose me 10 years ago when I was in need of a life change. Now, when I teach, the only goal is to instill the permission for each student to find their own possibilities for a healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit. I love to share my passion for movement.